You get what you pay for

Not the cheapest but certainly not the most expensive either! Price comparison between pattern makers is not easy, some pattern makers work on a project basis while others work on an hourly basis.There is also a big difference in terms of delivery; do you get a size specification with the pattern? Is the pattern suitable for different CAD systems? Is the pattern made for multiple sizes or only in the basic size? Is it a custom made pattern for your target group or did they use an existing standard pattern and maybe that is good enough for now?

Number of brands we have worked with 2005 - 2023

Menswear vs Womenswear

In most areas of fashion, there is little difference between the price of menswear patterns and womenswear patterns. Sometimes women’s patterns can be more expensive because there can be more variety in style and design content or because of the complication of the bust coupe.
On the other hand, menswear patterns can be more expensive than ladieswear patterns due to its more complicated structure. Think of things like the multiple inner pockets, lining and plastron parts. 

Baby & Childrenswear

Childrenswear patterns can range from simple to very complex, again all depending on the designers vision. The gradations of children’s clothing are always complex. The wider the size range of the clothes the more complex and time consuming the gradations will be. Because the gradations are so complex children’s patterns should always be tested in several sizes. The same design has to be made in different sizes to ensure it is interpreted the same way in all sizes and does not have any savefty hassards.

Couture clothing

Requires of course more experience and knowledge and often more working hours, partly because several “toiles”/samples are often needed to arrive at the desired design.

Creation of first patterns - Product development - Technical Fit Support

I do not work with prices per part because a model can consist of many parts, which would generate a lot of turnover, but is still be very simple and quickly to make - this would be unfair to my client. I do not work with project prices because the number of hours required is very difficult to estimate in advance. Partly because during the process the need may arise to adjust the design, for example if something does not function properly or does not look as good as the designer had hoped for, resulting in many extra working hours -this would be unfair to myself. For all occurring activities I charge a fixed hourly rate, the working hours depend on the wishes of the client.As mentioned earlier I'm always willing to make a non obligated quotation.

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